Rails Hosting - 10 VPS Providers That FULLY Support Ruby on Rails
Rails Hosting - 10 VPS Providers That FULLY Support Ruby on Rails

Rails Hosting – 10 VPS Providers That FULLY Support Ruby on Rails

The easy solution to taking walks Ruby on Rails packages on terrific web web hosting services is that if you have get right of entry to to the underlying operating system, you will be able to run the apps.


The center requirements (properly, middle requirements) which are vital for Rails packages, and missing from maximum “conventional” internet web hosting offerings consist of…


Deployment mechanism (commonly GIT)

Viable software server that helps Rails (Puma or Passenger)

The first trouble can typically be triumph over with the help of FTP (not the handiest answer, however nonetheless works).

The 2d is lots extra problematic, and why most people turn out to be the use of VPS answers to install Rails apps (VPS servers provide you with unrestricted get right of entry to to the underlying infrastructure).


VPS servers are essentially what the “cloud” vendors are giving human beings get entry to to. Contrary to “traditional” hosts – who actually allocated area on a unmarried server, the new “cloud” infrastructure setup basically splits the weight across an entire datacenter of servers.


This not simplest brings the price down however ensures that the client can in reality *scale* their compute useful resource while not having to bodily pay for a new server. In any case, if you simply want to host a “rails” based application on a “cloud” VPS. The simplest trouble with this is which you are chargeable for getting the server provisioned (it truly is a few other tale in itself).


Rails-Compatible Hosts


To this end, the maximum crucial issue to realise is that if you’re searching at this listing – ANY VPS server can be able to run a Rails app. You definitely want to make sure you recognize the way to put in the various programs (which I’ll cowl in every other article). For now, allow’s study the only & fee-powerful hosts:


Digital Ocean

The undisputed KING of low-value “cloud” VPS providers. Founded in 2011, it turned into the primary to offer a unmarried-priced VPS infrastructure for developers. From $five/mo, you get get right of entry to to a mess of information-facilities and masses of one of a type server configurations. The most important thing to recognize about DO – as with maximum unique “cloud” VPS hosts – is that spinning up a VPS server actually offers you get right of entry to to a Linux discipline walking in a records middle. You are chargeable for putting in area the whole lot else (besides – of route – you pay for the pre-compiled pics and plenty of others). Regardless of this – this is by manner of a ways the only “budget” VPS business enterprise for Rails apps.



A lesser-regarded, but nonetheless exceptionally powerful, cloud VPS carrier – Vultr is essentially a “mini-me” to DigitalOcean. It has information-centers in some of special locations (beginning from the us to Japan or even Germany & the Netherlands) – taking into account broader coverage. The most important issue to apprehend with Vultr is that it’s basically designed to be the equal of DigitalOcean – with none of the greater frills that the previous may additionally have. For instance, it might not have any built in tracking software program application (which DigitalOcean includes with out price), and The big declare-to-fame of Vultr got here from its $2.50/mo VPS server (that’s currently “supplied out”). This changed into pretty effective for builders who simply desired to push easy apps (each to check in a staging surroundings or to hold costs low). You nevertheless have to provision servers as you do with DigitalOcean.

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Touted because the “fastet” cloud VPS issuer, the Finnish UpCloud essentially offer the equal services because the first corporations (DigitalOcean + Vultr) – except with a far deeper recognition on aid. Providing an API on the facet of a myriad of different services, the system gives customers with the ability to set up VPS servers across some of information-centers across the arena. Again, the primary distinction with this is the proported pace of the servers they carry out. This is apparently right right down to their MaxIOPs generation, which essentially permits them to keep an entire lot of facts in memory (for this reason rushing it up). Prices start from $five/mo and – sure – you may still need to provision the servers yourself.



European “cloud” internet website hosting – based definitely in Switzerland, they specialize within the provision of euro-centric infrastructure. With four data-facilities (2 in Switzerland, 1 in Austria and 1 in Germany), the organisation has selected to be extremely particular in its method to supplying infrastructure for various software program developers. Whilst their pricing may be very aggressive, the maximum essential issue to recognize about this organization is the performance they bestow. Being Swiss, they revel in the ingrained culture of performance which pervades most people of the Swiss network. This manner you may no longer best get rapid e mail responses, but deep and properly-belief-out replies. They generally tend to offer offerings to many banks & financial establishments across Europe. Their place of interest-stage targeting permits them to concentrate on ensuring the velocity, reliability and performance of their provider is most beneficial for the customers they end up walking with.


Hetzner (Cloud)

Hetzner are a German net website hosting agency with information-facilities within the u.S. Of the us. Whilst they had been primarily based as a “traditional” website hosting, meaning they basically allocated their statistics-center round who became buying servers. Since 2017, the employer commenced to provide a “cloud” carrier – in which you can provision VPS servers in precisely the same manner as DigitalOcean, Vultr and the swathe of different agencies. With similar pricing, the most vital detail to Hetzner’s organization is that it’s far nearly completely focused at the German marketplace. This isn’t to mention they do not serve worldwide customers – but in phrases of their information-middle availability and the manner they cope with resource and so forth, it’s a very German operation. Obviously, with fees beginning from ~$five/mo, they high-quality provide the potential to deploy servers – the onus is upon you to get them provisioned.

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Not as nicely called DigitalOcean or Vultr, however no less effective – Linode is a favorite of many smaller developers, as it was one of the first to provide low-fee “cloud” VPS servers. Linode is powerful, with prices beginning from $5/mo – it is were given a number of datacenters across the arena and is quite plenty on a par with the extra popular “cloud” services. As ever – you do not get any frills with the carrier. You although have to provision and keep the servers your self.



The “daddy” of on-line web hosting, RackSpace has been a primary participant in the net web hosting worldwide due to the fact that its inception in 1998. As you would imagine, they have been concerned with the “cloud” pastime very early on, too. The problem with Rackspace – like Microsoft – is that it is steeply-priced. Designed predominantly for huge companies, their “cloud” servers start from $50/mo – however are offset with the “fanatical” help the organisation will provide. This help is really incredible, and permits users to truly depend upon them to hold matters strolling as successfully as possible. I won’t propose Rackspace for any smaller projects. It’s without a doubt not sincerely really worth the fee, specifically when you have the likes of DigitalOcean who do the same problem but for a fraction of the price.


Microsoft Azure

Microsoft’s “cloud” VPS imparting is arguably the only out of the big 3 (Google, Amazon, Microsoft). Azure is full of more services which assist developers to release packages throughout a large extensive kind of Microsoft-owned statistics-facilities. Fully supporting Linux and Windows VPS systems, the enterprise is one of the few to provide deeper insights into how the numerous servers are working. They deliver get proper of entry to to a rich dashboard, via that you’re capable of song the whole lot from resource usage to how many requests one-of-a-type servers have received. Whilst this sounds quality, it’s pricey. And it’s far simply designed to help large corporations undertake “the cloud” – which puts it out of the scope of maximum smaller developers. If you are interested by the usage of it, you have to virtually appearance up about it first.

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AWS is right however steeply-priced (in particular in case you want extra compute resources). Hailed because the “specific” cloud corporation, every EC2 instance you spin up is essentially acts as an impartial VPS. The trouble with AWS is that considering it is so wide, it’s far hard to understand what you actually need with it. Further, like Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform – the sheer scale of the infrastructure at play is massive. To this stop, it ought to be no marvel to investigate that most people of well-known internet based totally packages (mainly those which depend upon the likes of S3) depend upon EC2 & AWS to feature. Because of this, the issuer is generally visible as a supporting larger implementations, which require a couple of server clusters, DB servers and CDN control (Amazon virtually very very own “CloudFlare”). Ultimately, in case you’re looking for to set up a massive & famous application, the AWS infrastructure actually might help you. Pricing isn’t extraordinary, but it’s miles supported nicely and is backed through Amazon’s large infrastructure (which it makes use of for its very own operations).


Google Cloud Platform

Google’s entry into the “cloud” area, its “cloud platform” is used by the likes of Apple and Twitter. Much like Azure & AWS, it’s utilized by massive agencies to streamline their infrastructure necessities. Because Google makes use of the platform for their very own infrastructure, it is obviously the case that you have to be able to trust the device – and their community is actually very strong & active. The large distinction with Google’s platform is the pricing. They offer a totally aggressive set of fees, which permits some of precise developers to set up software application without incurring massive prices in doing so.

The key with all of those – as mentioned – is that you could generally must provision the diverse servers. This manner putting in the net + software program server software, libraries and any ancillary services (SSL certificates and so on).


If you are organized to apply a company at the side of Nanobox, Hatchbox, RailsHosting or VPSDeploy – you should be capable of avoid the pain of having to set up a legitimate net host… But in the long run, it’s without a doubt up to you what you do.


To be clear – the splendor of “traditional” / “shared” web hosting has not however been captured in the “cloud” arena. Rather than supplying a easy platform to set up apps, you pretty-lots are left to your very very own devices.

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