RAIN - N001 [iTunes Purchased M4A]

Genres: Dance, Music, Pop, R&BSoul
Released: 01 May 2002
℗ 2002 JYP Entertainment

Track List :
01. 우 (雨) Rain
02. 악수 Handshake
03. 나쁜 남자 Bad Guy
04. 나 Me
05. 익숙치 않아서 Can't Get Used To It
06. Baby Baby
07. 안녕이란 말 대신 Instead of Saying Goodbye
08. 너처럼 Like You (feat. 바다 Bada)
09. 나론 안되니 Am I Not Good Enough (feat. 후니훈 Hoony Hoon & 허인창 Huh In-Chang)
10. 왜 Why
11. What′s Love (feat. 데니 Danny, 렉시 Lexy, 별 Byul & JYP)

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